Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Few Little Known (and used) Abbreviations...

1. COC -Confused Old Coot.

2. FSH- Failed Study Hall .

3. PGO- Profound Grasp of the Obvious.

4. NBD- Needs Burping and Diapering.

5. SCIP- Scratches Crotch In Public.

6. LAME- Lacks Any Mental Equipment.

7. BIFS- Believes In Flying Saucers.

8.MBI-Mind Boggling Incompetence.

9. TOP- Tortoise On Prozac.

10. IAR- In Alcohol Rehab.

11. CME- Can Move Ears.

12. BSMY- Be Still My Heart.

13. SAP- Skunk At Picnic.

14. SDI- Seriously Disturbed Individual.

15. DDD- Digital Ding Dong.

16. DKJ- Doesn't Know Jack.

17. CWP- Chronic Wedgie Problem.

18. ROM- Run Of the Mill.

19. PCL- Pretentious Cat Litter.

20. I-PFB- I-Pod For Brain.

21. LLPOF- Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire.

22. WBB- Way Beyond Blonde.

23. POUL- Pile Of Unwashed Laundry.

24. CWJD- Caught With Jockeys Down.

25. HSB- Hermetically Sealed Brain.


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crisismaven said...

You forgot "OOTFBE" - one of the funniest blogs ever ... Btw.: Did you know postmen wouldn't be bitten if they were clad in mail?