Thursday, November 11, 2010

No. 29

"In marriage a woman has three rings. The first goes on the right hand; the second goes on the left hand; and, the third goes in her husband's nose."


1. Perhaps the most pointless product... of all time was non-alcoholic beer.
2. Now that you've found your place in the world...
don't start redecorating it.
3. If you want to keep your foot out of your mouth...keep your mouth shut.
4. Life is so time-consuming...there's no time for anything else.
5. The shortest distance between two points...could be between your ears.
6. What one phrase do all husbands need to know?...Move over Rover!
7. There is no fury like a woman...who thinks you weren't listening.
8. Self-made men have only... themselves to blame.
9. If wars were fought by committees... no one would be killed, at least on the committees.
10. One thing must be said about always works.


Some people were not born to punctuate; these cannot learn the art. They can learn only a rude fashion of it.; they cannot attain to its niceties, for these must be felt; they cannot be reasoned out. Cast-iron rules will not answer, here, any way; what is one man's comma is another man's colon. One man can't punctuate another man's manuscript any more than one person can make the gestures for another person's speech.


Any writer overwhelmingly honest about pleasing himself is almost sure to please others

To write is to write is to write is to write is to write.

Everyone who works in the domain of fiction is a little crazy. The problem is to make this craziness interesting.

I'm not sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for?

Books are man's best friends...after dogs, of course.

What would you call someone who is both optimistic about some things, and pessimistic about others?


Mother Nature at Work
The committee to design a horse...came up with a camel.

The committee to design a camel...came up with a horse.

I felt like you can write forever, but you have a short time to raise a family.
And I think a family is a lot more important than writing.

Talk among yourselves.

The eleventh day of the eleventh month has been set aside to honor the sacrifices of our war veterans. Let us stop a moment in their honor in our busy pursuit of the life that they have made possible for all  Americans. 
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TALON said...

I've always loved that Alice Walker quote.

And Riley and Charlie are howling agreement with Count Sneaky's quote because they say it is completely true :)

And I vote for "pessoptists" - it just has the right sound to it. (I'm definitely one and will start using that term now!)

desk49 said...

The three ring marriage, My wife said go for the third one and the other two will fall in place.
Words to live by.
And a hat off to all vets

nothingprofound said...

A harvest of riches as always, Count! I attended an anti-war rally on Veterans's day conducted bt Vietnam nets. It was chilling, and very enlightening. Agree 100% with the Kesey quote, as doubtless you do, too. In spite of the popular opinion which claims the opposite, words are more ephemeral than people.

klahanie said...

Hi Henry,
I shall try and comment, again. Darn blogger wiped out my comment, the other day.
Another very clever list. I would like to note that modern technology seems to have created a new kind of rudeness. I have had folks, allegedly visit me. Their mobile (cell) phone rings and they then proceed to gab away to the other person.
Hello, didn't you come to visit me?
Have a peaceful and pleasant weekend.
In kindness, Gary.

Count Sneaky said...

To Talon: Riley and Charlie are perceptive animals. They know they come before the books. Pessoptimists rings true to me as it has to desk49.

Count Sneaky said...

To desk49. Hmmmm. I've often wondered about the origin of "Three Ringed Circus" this it? Pessoptists it is. Yes ,hats off to all vets. I'm a cold war vet myself ; served with the Air Force in France in the late 50's.

Count Sneaky said...

To: nothingprofound: Thanks, Marty! Yes, I'm only a Cold War vet myself.
I served with the Air Force in France in the late fifties, but I agree with the anti-war vets. I also agree with the Kesey quote. Words are much more ephermal than people even though they sometimes last much longer.

TALON said...

Hope you and Helen have a beautiful Thanksgiving, Henry. :)

desk49 said...

Happy Thanksgiving day

Count Sneaky said...

To: Klahanie. Yes, Yes!
Modern technology has not only created a new generation of tools but a new generation that hasn't had much training in manners...just in thumbing and typing.