Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dr. Sturdley J. Slipshift shows off his new steam wheels to a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The steam wheels are an impressive addition to the breakthroughs in technology of this fast-advancing decade and it is hoped that a practical application of this wonderful machine may be forthcoming soon. Perhaps they may be put to work generating some sort of useful power or manufacturing operation. Meanwhile Dr. Slipshift assures us that he will explore every opportunity that develops.  He is currently raising development  monies by selling shares in the Slipshift Steam Wheels Company. He has been joined in the venture raising endevour by his son, Dr. J. Hedley Slipshift. "This is an exciting new technology," he said.

Shown here for the first time anywhere is Shedley J. Barnburner with his new Automated Weight Guessing Machine. Mr. Barnburner says that his invention is for amusement purposes only and doesn't take the place
of a visit to your physician or an accurately calibrated scale. After inserting a nickel in the coin slot you recieve a ticket with the machine's guess at your total poundage. If you do not agree with the machine, simply dropa nickel in the slot and let the machine try again. After five nickles have been inserted and you still donot agree with the machine it will issue you a ticket with your free horoscope for the day. The machine has met with great acceptance
by the general public and several larger, fancier,
machine designs are being developed by the company.

Shown here for the second time anywhere is
Stedley J. Hedley,
inventor, on his
new Hedley Hopper,
 a machine destined
to revolutionize
commuting to work
and saving money
on expensive
railroad costs.

The fastest way to get over a fence is to throw your wallet over first!
Time changes everything, but diapers.
You are not overpaid, but chances are, everyone else is.


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Being and Quirkiness said...

"After five nickles have been inserted and you still do not
agree with the machine it will issue you a ticket with
your free horoscope for the day"

How Count! That got a battery of chuckes out of me ;-)

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"Time changes everything, but diapers." No wonder my daughter never stopped crying those first two years.

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