Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Generic Maxims No. 9


1. Treat your kids with dignity and respect...and they won't tweet and text about you.
2.  Keep your desk in order...throw away your IN basket.

3. Just because you own a Steinway doesn't mean you can play one.
4. If you set unrealistically high goals...
You can at least say you tried.

5. Push yourself to a higher level in life...move to the mountains.
6. When today is over...polish your
marbles for tomorrow.

7. There are two sides to every story...
hers and hers.
8. No, you're not're a time machine.
9. Like a battery, a positive attitude needs...
a negative pole to work.
10. Write down your long-term goals and aspirations so that a few years from now...
you'll have a good laugh.

The New Fishbinder Organ Hat...
At the annual Inventors International Convention this year, the Prix de Paris medal was awarded to Hedley Fishbinder. It allows the wearer to carry his instrument with him wherever he goes, and be ready to entertain on a moment's notice. This invention could transform any social gathering into a joyful burst of sound and even provide accompaniment to hymns in small churches or big churches with fine acoustics. It is reasonable in price at $150 and comes with a small library of organ standards, and new popular songs, rags, and hymns. It weighs only a few pounds and is jaunty headwear and attracts attention wherever you go.  Hedley 's company projects future sales will place his company in the upper ranks of industry and provide many new jobs at the Fishbinder Organ Works. Hedley assures the public that he will sell no organ to burlesque houses, brothels, gambling dens, or places of less than sterling reputations nor to anyone known to frequent such places.
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"Education consists of mostly what we have unlearned." MARK TWAIN

"Most men of edukashion like me, feels that after the fifth grade, there ain't no need to go no further."


Tony Single said...

Ooh yeah, I want me a Fishbinder Organ Hat! To where do I send my life savings, Count?

I also like the thought that I'm a time machine. Makes the inevitable passing of the years seem more bearable somehow!

TALON said...

Loved all of these, Count Sneaky!

I have to admit I'm getting to an age where my long term goals are getting much much shorter ;)

nothingprofound said...

Number 10 is an exercise we should all practice. Of course along with the laughter it might also bring a few tears.

林志宏 said...

Pay somebody back in his own coin..................................................................                           

timethief said...

I hope you are keeping well dear Count.

I like them all and some made me chuckle but number 9 resonates most with me.

"Like a battery, a positive attitude needs... a negative pole to work."


江婷 said...


Count Sneaky said...

Thank you, Timethief...we are both doing OK just now thanks to our doctors. I have thought a good bit about positive thinking over the years and I found something missing in most all of these philosophies (except for Buddha) that is, giving the dark side of our natures a place in the scheme of things. Mara must have a seat at the table also. Namaste.

Count Sneaky said...
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Count Sneaky said...

Tony: The distribution of Fishbinder Organ Hats has been severely limited due to the enactment of many local nuisance ordinances by municipalities around the country. I am told a new model is on the drawing boards that will have ear-phones so that only the organist can hear or object to the volume that the instrument produces.
Stay on their mailing list for further developments and ordinance notifications. Progress is always made in the face of cultural resistance.