Thursday, March 31, 2011

No. 46

"Mother knows best."
EDNA FERBER(1887-1968)
1. Never say anything behind a person's back... you wouldn't say in front of a video camera.
2. If you marry in haste...
-you can divorce at leisure.
3. Some people are able to pick up am  radio through their fillings...True. 
But only the talk shows.
4. A thing of beauty is a joy forever...
or, at least, until the divorce.

5. When you think you have it made...
open your complaint box.
6. Stay in your comfort zone...
even if you have to put out orange traffic cones.
7. Paint the town red every chance you get...
but use a small brush.
8. See yourself as others see you...
and have a good laugh.
9. Some say it's not how you play the game...
but who owns the field.
10. Rejoice...the lesser of two evils was 
The winner by a semi-landslide, Hedley Lesser, Esq.
The new mayor of  Tuglow Falls.
"Let us read and let us dance...two amusements that will never
do any harm to the world."
"Always try to be a little kinder than is necessary."
"Hail the sweet small courtesies of life, for smooth do they
make the road of it."
"Trifles make up the happiness or misery of
human life."
The barmaid Dora,
Always wore a fedora,
If customers asked why,
She replied with a sigh, 
I married Irish, begorrah!

The world's worst living poet.
April is the cruelest month said the poet, but from now on, March will be the crueleist month...we will always remember the deaths and the unimaginable suffering of the Japanese people during the tragedy of March 2011.


TALON said...

Love Strutz sleeping - how cute! And Sturdley had me giggling.

No. 10 is appropriate right now - we're having a general election in just a few weeks. The hard part is always picking that lesser evil - lol!

Hope you and Helen are well, Henry.

Judie said...

I have a very small comfort zone. I don't care to go anywhere that is more than 12 miles from my home. I think I may be developing agoraphobia!

Count Sneaky said...

Strutz does little else but sleep...and slip in a snide remark or two.
Sturdley is the target of most of his claw quips usually. As with all things human, perception out weighs reality and makes it harder to pick the one to serve our interests rather than his own ( Oh, be still my heart.)

Count Sneaky said...

JUDIE: Here and I thought agoraphobia meant fear of large comfort zones. I must admit that my comfort zone keeps shrinking every year. It is now about the size of my lot.

klahanie said...

Greetings Count Sneaky,
Yet another amusing, interesting and thoughtful collection within this posting.
"Paint the town red every chance you get...
but use a small brush." Knowing my luck, I would paint the town red and get caught red-handed in the red light district :)
Indeed, our thoughts are with those who have gone through such horrendous suffering during the month of March, 2011.
May you and your loved ones have a most peaceful day.
In kindness, Gary.

SprigBlossoms said...

Greatly enjoyed No. 1, 8, 10...I also like the ones in the side column....'spiders build castles in the air': no wonder my son wants to be spider-man!! Cheers to you and your family : )

Judie said...

The cruelest month?? Our son was in the Safeway when the shooting began. He didn't tell me until Sunday, because he thought I would have heart failure. He was probably right about that. I depend on you to give me that little extra umph that gets my week going in a happy manner.

Count Sneaky said...

JUDIE: I'm very sorry your son had to witness such a tragedy as the one outside the Safeway store. The phrase comes from a T.S. Eliot poem . April is that month of contrasts while Spring struggles to be, sleet, snow, warm, hot and all places between. And you are quite right, I owe all my fine readers a smile. a laugh, a way to start the day or week off right. Forgive me. I'll sharpen my quill, get out the seltzer bottle and fool's cap and do it.

timethief said...

Hello there dear Count,
I like the new theme a lot. It so much easier for me to read. I also join you in thi:
"April is the cruelest month said the poet, but from now on, March will be the crueleist month...we will always remember the deaths and the unimaginable suffering of the Japanese people during the tragedy of March 2011."

In my community we have a prayer circle for people of all traditions spiritual and religious. The Japanese people are on our minds and in our hearts. We are praying individually every day for the Japanese people and we meet and pray togther once weekly.

Love and peace be with thee aleays,

P.S. I hope the Mrs. is feeling better.
P.P.S. I have restored my blogs to the BC site & I hope those who subscribed before will subscribe again.

Count Sneaky said...

KLAHANIE: Thank you Gary. It has been so long since I painted the town red, I have forgotten what kind of paint to use...casein,
oil...watercolor, or, in my case, it was probably magic Marker.

Count Sneaky said...

SPRIGBLOSSOM: Thanks. Yes, Spiderman does live in a castle in the sky, although these days he cannot afford the rent and has moved to a cottage in the sky. At least, that's what my grandkid tells me.

Count Sneaky said...

TIMETHIEF: I'm glad you like my new look. My old look was ageing ungracefully. Yes, we will always remember the tragedy and suffering of the Japanese people.
Thanks for asking about my wife. She has been hospitalized for the last few days with a bad infection and to get more fluids infused. Hopefully she will be able to come home tomorrow.