Thursday, January 5, 2012

No. 82

"I'm stirring...I'm stirring.." 

1. The only thing you get for nothing...
is oxygen.
2. Before you jump down someone's out for their teeth.
3.  Being conceited means... you're doing something right.
4. If you jump at a conclusion...
make sure it's still there first.
5. Remember sports build character...
not to mention stadiums, fields,
arenas, rinks, and gyms,
6. What a bear does in the woods...
is his own business.
7. In life as in politics...thinking is an option; feelings rule.
8. Dial your happy.
9.  Support your local psychiatrist...
get into therapy now.
10. Win, lose, or still own the deck of cards.
I decided to try out my new Pierce Arrowsmith V2 TourMaster Coach. I'm currently following  Route 666 through Bodine County, avoiding as far as possible all political caucuses, and
seeking out the natural beauty of the country like Shedley Falls and
and Humperdink Mountain.Every other week I plan to send in another tour report.
 Next stop, Silo City for Motel 7.
Tina Tingle, Roving Cultural Reporter and Travel Editor.

"The cure for boredom is curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity."

"The freelance writer is a person who is paid per piece or 
per word or perhaps."

"There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts."

Whatever your hand or head finds to it with joy!
(Then clean up the mess.)

The award opposite was awarded to me for being
 me.It is my very own award, soon to be coveted; or ignored; or despised. It will be awarded(?) from time to time to anyone I deem worthy for reasons of my own. There are no requirements whatsoever. The date 
will be changed when I get a roundtoit

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NOTE: You are not allowed to leave this blog without a smile, a laugh or feeling better about your life...or telling a friend about it. Whatever!


Hilary said...

Hi Count Sneaky .. love your posts .. but I don't leave comments very often - as I have to change browsers and go through a few hoops to be able to comment ... if you could possibly change to pop up comments it would be much appreciated! Blogger changed the template settings for embedded comments back last April and since then they can cause problems.

Many thanks - then I'll comment more often - cheers and a very Happy New Year .. Hilary

Paul said...

Do your mean to say yours is as good as oxygen? Mine is probably hydrogen sulphide, to people with more refined taste....I mean, what do you mean by jumping down someone's throat....:):)...(needless to say, no offense, as always)

TALON said...

Cheeky mouse! ;)

Henry, the Charles Dickens' quote had me laughing out loud. I just experienced a let down with a book that had so much promise in that cover-to-cover idea, but failed to deliver on the innards :)

Hope you and Helen are well.

muthiah sriram said...

interesting maxims!!and ur post have an aesthetic appeal

nothingprofound said...

Count, I loved All of these. I almost feel guilty choosing favorites, but O hell: #s 1,4,6 & 10. Incidentally, Marcel Duchamp, in one of his notebooks, drew a sketch of a man with a breath-o-meter on his chest, being charged a fee for each breath he takes.