Thursday, February 9, 2012


     1. I went the extra I'm really tired.
2. Go yeast, young man...start a bakery.
3. Rules for life...always double space.
4. Things that don't exist...can, nevertheless,
be named.
5. If you see crocodile're too close to the crocodile.
6. Getting ahead of the curve can mean... running off the road and into the trees.
7. Quit politics and you wind the lobby.
8. You're a success own your own tuxedo.
9. Beware, the devil's workshop is... a non-union sweatshop.
10. It's better to be kempt...than unkempt.
Ol' alarm clock,
Wakes the brain.
 Welcome to the
Race Insane.
Both feet
Hit the floor
And stumble
To the bathroom door.
Put on a shirt
Try to find a tie
  Out there, it's
Root hog or die.
Burn the toast
Fry the egg
Wipe the butter
Off your leg.
Get in the car
Slam the door
Push the pedal
To the floor.
Hit the freeway

Get in line
Grab the cell phone
It's a quarter to nine
Park the car
Out of gas
Remember, this day
Too will pass.
(World's worst living poet)

Count Sneaky and Helen


Copyright 2012 HTStone


Paul said...

Dear SS, I didn't know you're around.... Hope to see you more in the future and hear more about your...rather hectic life. My best, Paul

TALON said...

Sturdley is in magnificent form, Henry. :)

Number 2 had me laughing out loud :)

Hope you and Helen are well!

nothingprofound said...

Count, number four-how true! Think of all the trouble and confusion that has caused. Hope you and your lovely wife are well and enjoying this first day of March.