Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No. 33

Here's to the bright new year,
And a fond farewell to the old,
And here's to the things that are yet to come,
And to the memories that we hold.
Old Irish Toast

May all your troubles in the coming year be as short-lived
as your New Year's Resolutions...


1. Resolve to always look for the silver lining... just don't stand under one; they are heavy and can fall on one or two or more.
2. Resolve to go out and buy yourself some bells and probably need 'em after the past year.
3. Resolve to give a hoot and not pollute...kiss an owl today!
4. Resolve to be a weight-lifter... lift your dead weight out of that recliner and walk!
5. Resolve to learn if the secret to a long waking up every morning.
6. Resolve to write everything with a fountain pen... you will appear more distinguished whether you are or not.
7. Resolve to learn to play golf spelled forward...rather than golf spelled backward.
8. Resolve that, if your mind is a window on the world... to put up venetian blinds.
9. Resolve that you will keep an eleven-foot pole handy...if you don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole.
10. Resolve that if you are going to fly off the handle... to get clearance from the control tower first.
11. Resolve that if you have half a mind to run for political office...that's all it takes!
12. Resolve that it's not how much you know... it's who told you.
13. Resolve that you will never make...a thirteenth resolution.

STRUTZ THE CAT SAYS: Take delight in small, simple your mind! 

Welcome be ye that are here.
Welcome all, and make good cheer.
Welcome all, another year!
Happy New Year to All!
Thoughts for your penny: There are now, at latest count, three hundred sextillion stars in the universe...give or take a few tillions.


klahanie said...

Greetings Henry,
Good sir, another fine collection of musings. Half a mind to run for political office. That much eh? And golf. Someone might just try to flog me a dead horse.
Take very good care. May you and your loved ones have a most peaceful 2011.
With respect and goodwill, Gary.

Fran said...

Thank you for all these. Funny! I am off outside to find owls to kiss.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Henry .. love these .. and the mix for New Year - Old Irish Toast! and love Stutz ..

My thoughts are with you both .. and all the very best for 2011 .. Hilary

TALON said...

Happy New Year, Henry! May it be a joy-filled, peace-filled, wondrous one for you and Helen!