Friday, March 16, 2012


"I might repeat to myself, slowly and soothingly,
 a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound;
If I can remember any of the damn things."

1. If people drive you up the wall...
take along a brush and a can of paint,
and paint the room.
2. Society is divided into two classes...
those who clip coupons and those 
who don't.
3. Don't make your acts of kindness 
randomly...make them consistently.
4. Confrontation should teach you
more than it does the confrontee.
 5. Listen, listen, listen... this is the
only requirement to gain...wisdom.
6.  If we set aside our stubborness and
pride...we won't stumble over them. 

7. Impatience is the submarine that 
torpedoes... our best laid plans.
8. Someone who continues to think 
the same way, over and over...
is called a man.

9. Impatience is the submarine that 
torpedoes...our best laid plans.
10. Our best laid plans become mine
fields...that require our complete
attention constantly.

World's Worst Living Poet...
The population of Hell is graying 's true,
Both clientele, demons, and fiends, too.
To keep them all warm
They've introduced reform,
and turned the heat up to 262.
A Scientist and a Capuchin,
sat down to discuss Evolution.
But they found,
They weren't sound,
Without bringing in a Rosicrucian .
Harry the clerk went beserk,
After too much paperwork.
After they led him away,
He had this to say,
"I'd rather do basketwork!"

"I love talking about nothing. Its the only thing 
I know anything about."

  Count Sneaky and Helen
Lucy the Beagle

Copyright 2012 HTStone
"Did you see that dog?"


klahanie said...

Greetings Count Sneaky,
As per usual, my friend, a collection of marvellous musings. Acts of kindness consistently. I like that very much. Now then, if only I could remember where I am? Ah yes, Henry, may you and your loved ones have a most peaceful weekend.
In kindness, Gary

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Count Sneaky, Helen and Lucy - always love your postings .. they are a great 'curve' across life .. thanks so much .. cheers Hilary

Paul said...

1. Dorothy, this is my conclusion after reading what was being quoted: that is the reason why we pray everyday (or every Little Hour, for the more religious among us).

2. Henry, after some soul searching, I agree with your man-observation....but I still choose to act like a MAN, rather than a COWARD.

3. Strutz, surely I saw the cool dog...and the loving couple too.